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From Gegas <>
Subject Re: No Maven2 Best Practices?
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 19:28:59 GMT

David Blevins wrote:
> On May 8, 2008, at 10:22 AM, Gegas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I really like embedded stuff. I got very excited when I heard  
>> OpenEJB 3 was
>> released!
>> But, the thing is that I cannot get my unit tests with OpenEJB3 to  
>> follow
>> Maven2 best practices.
>> The OpenEJB3 requires a ejb-jar.xml to exist in src/main/resources  
>> to locate
>> my EJB's and if I'm using entity beans a persistence.xml must exist  
>> in the
>> same directory.
>> What about the src/test/resources directory which is supposed to be  
>> used by
>> testing?
>> And what about package and deplotyment for production. If my test
>> ejb-jar.xml and persistence.xml must be in src/main/resources then how
>> should I manage the "real" configuration files (those that should  
>> reside in
>> src/main/resources).
>> When I package my ejb-jar it will contain configuration files used for
>> testing... bad...
>> Any thoughts on how to handle this issue?
> Hi Andreas,
> The intention was that the ejb-jar.xml and persistence.xml we test  
> would be the one you use in production.  Obviously then it's perfectly  
> in line with Maven2 best practices.
> I had never thought of having a seperate ejb-jar.xml just for testing  
> purposes, but it's certainly an interesting idea.  Can you elaborate  
> on what you would do differently in the "test" ejb-jar.xml versus the  
> "production" ejb-jar.xml?  Some sort of example would be good too.
> -David

It's especially the persistence.xml that's my concern.

1. The src/main/resources/persistence.xml is mapped to my production data
2. The src/test/resources/persistence.xml is mapped to a in-memory database

The production ejb-jar.xml might contain security constraints etc. not in
focus when testing etc.

What do yoy think? Is it possible to have different persistence.xml?

Kind regards, Andreas

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