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From uglything <>
Subject Re: Sharing persistence unit among several ejb-jars in a collapsed EAR
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 06:59:49 GMT

Thanks a lot for your reply David.

To be more specific, I work with Maven. The servlet engine used is

My production target is OpenEJB3 inside a Tomcat 5.5 instance.

Thanks for highlighting this, I will run this on a Tomcat and keep you
posted soon !

David Blevins wrote:
> Great post!
> It looks as though this the output of a unit test.  Definitely if this  
> was running in Tomcat there'd be no way it wouldn't work as we  
> essentially turn your war into and ear and deploy it as one unit.
> For the unit test scenario we treat everything we find in the  
> classpath as individual apps, which is clearly the cause of your  
> problems.  We very nearly switched things over in 3.0-beta-2 so that  
> all your classpath represented one big "ear" -- i.e. making a sort of  
> fake ear for each entry in the classpath.
> I think we should make it an option (possible enabled by default) to  
> treat the classpath at test time as one big ear (or Collapsed EAR).   
> It'll take some hacking, but hopefully this is something we can get in  
> for 3.0.1.
> In the meantime, can you verify that all works well when deployed into  
> tomcat?
> -David
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