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From Karsten Ohme <>
Subject Store data in SessionContext
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 20:12:02 GMT

Maybe a very simple question, but I haven't found a solution:

Is it possible to store any data in the SessionContext of a Session Bean?

I have a stateless bean which executes a method. In this method 
exceptions can be thrown and some critical data is touched. This data 
cannot be kept in the persistence layer and rolled back automatically in 
the case of an exception (performance reasons and parallel execution 
does not allow this). So I have to keep manually track of this data and 
roll it back manually. This method is used in a chain of other services 
and if any of these services fail, the rollback must take place. This is 
the reason I cannot catch it in the method itself. So there is an 
interceptor which is placed in the upper facade implementation which 
starts the service chain. In this interceptor I catch all exception, 
want to read the data, roll it back and throw the exception. But how to 
get hold of the data here?

Apart form this, I have tried to place it in the java:comp/env, this 
seemed to work, but these values are global, right? Each call has its 
own critical data, so the must be the same for the bean and the interceptor.

Or is the only way to place a ThreadLocal variable in the java:comp/env?


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