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From Karsten Ohme <>
Subject Re: Store data in SessionContext
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2008 16:00:26 GMT
Gilbert Carl Herschberger II schrieb:
> At first glance, I wonder if you are throwing a custom exception. I 
> suggest that you design a custom exception, attach all data to a custom 
> exception, and throw it when an exception occurs. Then, catch the 
> exception and you get the data you need because it is attached to the 
> custom exception. These are the basic building blocks of a thread-safe 
> mechanism.

This approach does not work in this case. The information is only known 
in the method in service A. If service B in the chain throws an 
exception, which should also lead to a rollback of these information, I 
do not have this information and so cannot use the custom exception. The 
data is lost.


> I agree with you. Attaching exception-specific data to a session 
> context, a thread, and JNDI context is not a good idea in general.
> Thanks,
> At 04:12 PM 6/13/2008, you wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe a very simple question, but I haven't found a solution:
>> Is it possible to store any data in the SessionContext of a Session Bean?
>> I have a stateless bean which executes a method. In this method 
>> exceptions can be thrown and some critical data is touched. This data 
>> cannot be kept in the persistence layer and rolled back automatically 
>> in the case of an exception (performance reasons and parallel 
>> execution does not allow this). So I have to keep manually track of 
>> this data and roll it back manually. This method is used in a chain of 
>> other services and if any of these services fail, the rollback must 
>> take place. This is the reason I cannot catch it in the method itself. 
>> So there is an interceptor which is placed in the upper facade 
>> implementation which starts the service chain. In this interceptor I 
>> catch all exception, want to read the data, roll it back and throw the 
>> exception. But how to get hold of the data here?
>> Apart form this, I have tried to place it in the java:comp/env, this 
>> seemed to work, but these values are global, right? Each call has its 
>> own critical data, so the must be the same for the bean and the 
>> interceptor.
>> Or is the only way to place a ThreadLocal variable in the java:comp/env?
>> Regards,
>> Karsten

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