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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Help with OpenEJB3 and Spring IoC
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 00:46:35 GMT

On Jun 9, 2008, at 3:53 PM, Jon Carrera wrote:

> I went for the naughty option for printing out the classpath and it  
> worked
> from within the test case, but didn't work with the bean factory.  
> Apparently
> the problem is in org.springframework.test.jpa.AbstractJpaTests which
> internally uses
> org.springframework.test.jpa.OrmXmlOverridingShadowingClassLoader  
> (which by
> the way isn't a subclass of URLClassLoader, so the PrintClasspath  
> class
> didn't work here) and for some reason is not able to find the required
> classes. I solved the problem by replacing AbstractJpaTests with
> org.springframework.test.AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests.  
> Now my
> tests run just fine.
> I also changed the factories as you suggested so that OpenEjb was
> initialized by spring.
> Hope this can be of use for others.
> Thanks David and keep up the great job.

Many thanks to you, Jon!  We definitely appreciate your time as well.   
I've crafted up a doc that attempts to summarize the information in  
this thread:

(should sync to in an hour  
or so)

I'd like to put a section in there about testing and some details  
about which Abstract*Tests superclasses work and which do not.  We  
definitely know that AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests works and  
AbstractJpaTests does not.  Are you game for trying out the parent of  
AbstractTransactionalSpringContextTests and so on till it breaks so we  
can get that data for the doc as well?  Also, do you have any small  
sample test case code we could possibly show?

On a side note, we actually do have a much tighter integration  
planned.  Nothing concrete, but we'd like to find a way so that spring  
and ejb (openejb) can be mixed more easily with things like  
EntityManagers declarable and referencable right there in the spring  
xml obviating the need for your own custom factories, etc.  You  
interested in trying something like that out and giving feedback when  
we get a prototype going?  We're also interested in what people think  
would be their dream syntax for mixing spring and ejb and other things  
like entitymanagers, topics, queues, etc.  Definitely feel free to  
post mock bean definition examples -- don't worry about reality, feel  
free to dream, there's usually a way to do anything with enough effort.


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