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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Eclipse Multiple Projects and Missing persistence.xml
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 01:54:01 GMT

On Jun 18, 2008, at 12:53 AM, uglything wrote:

> You're the man !

Muchas gracias!  Or if my suspicions are correct.  Maraming salamat!

> I tried your version and all works like a charm.
> I've launched a webapp with Maven2/Jetty6 w/o problems.


> I just have to not use the injection annotations in my servlets and
> launchers,
> but everything else works as expected.

We definitely plan to get a Jetty integration in there that has all  
the same quality of service that we offer with Tomcat.  It's good to  
know you'd be interested in that kind of functionality as it helps us  

> I also tryed a JUnit launch on both my synthetic test application  
> and my
> real application and everything works.
> (my synthetic application is described in
> this  
> post
> and
> this  
> other
> post
> The naming changes for the sake of readibility, but the underlaying
> application is the same.
> )
> Thanks a million again. I'm still quite new on the OpenEJB forums  
> but I'm
> **truly amazed** by your quickness at adressing the problems.

Thanks.  Part of the secret of OpenEJB is that we try very hard to  
keep the code "lean" and free from needless architecture and over  
abstraction.  It has a very direct impact on how fast we can turn  
things around as there is usually very little standing in our way.

And very seriously, we do appreciate the questions.  As well if you  
have any "wouldn't it be neat if..." types of ideas, definitely let us  
know.  Small or big, we'll take em all.  Dare to dream :)


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