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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: Use JAXB generated class as JAX-WS request parameter
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2008 15:04:43 GMT

JAX-WS uses the JAXB beans as parameters in it's normal case.   Thus, they 
should "just work". 

The only real issue I can think of is if the beans you have are anonymous 
types of a global element and the service is "wrapped" mode (the default).   
In that case, the wrapper type that CXF creates is technically against spec 
and probably not tested well as it cannot point to the "type".   It has to 
point to the element via a "ref".   I really don't know if that works or not.

So, if you can, make sure your global elements that you are using in your 
schema are referencing global types, not using anonymous types.  


On Wednesday 20 August 2008 9:36:42 pm David Blevins wrote:
> On Aug 18, 2008, at 6:45 AM, rde8026 wrote:
> > I'm running into an issue when trying to use a JAXB generated class
> > as input
> > into my @WebMethod.  Basically I have an XSD that is generated via
> > JAXB and
> > I want to use that generated class as the input parameter into my
> > JAX-WS web
> > service.  I know JAX-WS uses JAXB to generate the necessary objects
> > for the
> > request and response parameters.  My question is basically does
> > anyone know
> > if this is possible or do I need to generate some POJO to assign as
> > the
> > request object and let JAX-WS do it's thing then map that bean to the
> > existing JAXB class I have generated?
> Not too sure.  Cc'ing the CXF list as hopefully Dan and company will
> have a better idea.
> Let's hope they're a little quicker at responding than I was -- sorry
> for the delay on such a simple response.
> -David

Daniel Kulp

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