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From anand118 <>
Subject Re: Functional testing with OpenEJB + Jetty + Selenium
Date Thu, 04 Sep 2008 01:16:58 GMT

I am using maven. Thanks Jon.

Using Selenium, I am hitting the webpages being served by my embedded jetty
server (as you would expect). However, the security/certificate has become a
bit of a nuisance. E.g. having to select 'Ok' on certificate prompt manually
hinders the automation part. I've got my jwebunit to deal with the security
bit for embedded jetty server (setting proper values on sslConnector) but
not with Selenium yet. I have read bits and pieces about this being
Selenium's drawback but surely there has to be a solution for this.

Also (not entirely related to this thread) but Selenium didn't complain when
I tried click on a link that returned a 404??


Yes, you do have to run selenium on port 4444 for this to work. With 
Maven (which I used in my sample), if you include the following in your 


you can run mvn 'selenium:start-server' to run the selenium server to 
run the tests in your IDE. Running a 'mvn install' should do a full 
build and run the Selenium server whilst running the integration tests. 
The PersonApp/PersonWEB/pom.xml is a good place to look at where I've 
done the setup for this. I haven't really touched on this in the wiki 
docs, I'll add some info about this on there tonight.

If you're not running Maven, I would imagine you could start the server 
either using Ant using the <java> task, or from your test code by 
invoking the main method on org.openqa.selenium.server.SeleniumServer. I 
could do with getting this working myself, so I'll have a go and I'll 
let you know how I get on.

Hope that's helpful.

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