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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: weblogic support and <destination-jndi-name>
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 20:18:04 GMT

On Oct 8, 2008, at 6:37 AM, Zog wrote:

> Hi
> I'm porting MDBs developed for weblogic into OpenEJB. I have the  
> following
> issue.
> I declared the queues I use in openejb.xml, like
> <Resource id="My_JNDI_QUEUE"
>          type="javax.jms.Queue">
>  destination My_Real_Queue
> </Resource>
> and my weblogic.xml descriptors contain
>  <weblogic-enterprise-bean>
>    <ejb-name>MyMDB</ejb-name>
>    <message-driven-descriptor>
>      <destination-jndi-name>My_JNDI_Queue</destination-jndi-
> name>
> If I use just this (hoping that OpenEJB will fully support my
> weblogic-ejb-jar.xml) then
> the embedded instance of activemq seems to create a queue named
> queue://MyMDB
> instead of
> queue://My_Real_Queue
> i.e. the lookup from the JNDI name to the real name is not done.
> However, if I add
>        <activation-config-property>
> <activation-config-property-name>destination</activation-config- 
> property-name>
> <activation-config-property-value>My_Real_Queue</activation-config- 
> property-value>
>        </activation-config-property>
> then the queue is properly created and all works well.
> So - question is: am I right to assume OpenEJB doesn't support the
> <destination-jndi-name> in weblogic descriptors or is my configuration
> screwed up somehow ?

I don't think we have support for that one yet.  In fact I think we  
only convert the jndi names so far.  Our Glassfish descriptor support  
is pretty complete, but the WebLogic one is just at the beginning  

If you're interested in adding support for more elements, here's the  
place where all the weblogic conversion is done:

We have a complete weblogic jaxb tree generated from their schemas and  
all the data is already being read in.  Should be pretty easy to take  
the destination-jndi-name and turn it into the activation-config- 


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