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From David Blevins <>
Subject Additional OpenEJB 3.1 Release notes
Date Wed, 29 Oct 2008 22:19:47 GMT
We had a few items that didn't make it into the auto-generated release  
notes.  We've gone through and manually added in some missing  
entries.  The RELEASE-NOTES.txt for the 3.1 release has been updated,  
but for your convenience here are the items that have been added:

New Features:

   * [OPENEJB-126] Constructor Injection
   * [OPENEJB-935] Spring Integration
   * [OPENEJB-933] Injection Support for JSF 1.2 ManagedBeans
   * [OPENEJB-941] ConnectorModule discoverable via the classpath (rar  


   * [OPENEJB-900] Example: Testing Security via InitialContext login/ 
   * [OPENEJB-936] Log Tomcat resources imported into OpenEJB
   * [OPENEJB-943] Improved support for non-JMS Connectors
   * [OPENEJB-940] Severely improved client performance over ejbd
   * [OPENEJB-946] Optimized annotation scanner to determine if a jar  
is an ejb jar more quickly
   * [OPENEJB-939] Write the cmp mappings when  
openejb.descriptors.output is set to true
   * [OPENEJB-944] Allow value of server service "only_from" property  
to use comma, tab and newline as a separator
   * [OPENEJB-938] Improved the validation check on methods to look  
for mismatched arguments or conflicting case
   * [OPENEJB-934] Better support for external activemq.xml  
   * [OPENEJB-937] Improved StatefulContainer instance caching
   * [OPENEJB-948] Container AccessTimeout and TimeOut values  
expressible as text "200ms", "1 hour", "5 min", etc.
   * [OPENEJB-947] Command line tool for monitoring multicast heartbeat


   * [OPENEJB-797] Unable to load servlet class:  
   * [OPENEJB-874] SystemInstance is not updated with the properties  
defined in conf/
   * [OPENEJB-945] Should call stop() on the remaining  
ResourceAdapters during destroy()
   * [OPENEJB-873] Deploying the same ejb in two different webapps  
causes a DuplicateDeploymentIdException
   * [OPENEJB-901] Fixed broken isCallerInRole when using Tomcat  
JAASRealm with the TomcatSecurityService
   * [OPENEJB-942] Fixed potential NullPointerException scanning  
servlets that have no servlet class (i.e. are JSPs)


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