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From David Blevins <>
Subject [ANN] OpenEJB 3.1 Released
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 02:55:34 GMT
Download binaries here:


  Major new features:

  - EJB 3.1 Singleton Support
  - EJB Constructor Injection
  - Spring Integration
  - Multicast Client-Server Discovery

  Significant Improvements:

  - EAR-style classpath application discovery groups individual  
modules as an EAR allowing sharing of persistence units and improved  
connector and custom MDB deployment.

  - Detection of EclipseLink, TopLink, and Hibernate as JPA providers  
to automatically adds the right persistence unit property to for  
wiring in the OpenEJB TransactionManager.

  - System Property and InitialContext property overriding now applies  
to persistence-unit properties and logging levels.

  - Login/logout now possible in an embedded scenario via  
InitialContext params and initialContext.close() respectively.

  - Complete overhaul of all client/server connection management  
dramatically increases performance.

  - Several new checks added to Application Validation ruleset, some  
reworked to give even more details.

Full changelog

New Features:

   * [OPENEJB-836] Singleton Session Beans
   * [OPENEJB-839] Singleton Read and Write method locking
   * [OPENEJB-841] Singleton @DependsOn load ordering
   * [OPENEJB-840] Singleton @Startup load-on-startup
   * [OPENEJB-837] Singleton Bean-Managed Concurrency
   * [OPENEJB-838] Singleton Container-Managed Concurrency
   * [OPENEJB-821] EAR-style aggregation of modules discovered in the  
   * [OPENEJB-920] JDBC/DataSource based login module
   * [OPENEJB-913] Client Connection Failover and Request Retry
   * [OPENEJB-912] Client-side Connection Pool
   * [OPENEJB-857] Client connection KeepAlive
   * [OPENEJB-911] Graceful shutdown of client/server connections
   * [OPENEJB-903] Multicast discovery and grouping
   * [OPENEJB-905] PersistenceUnit property overriding
   * [OPENEJB-898] Property overriding for logging configuration
   * [OPENEJB-897] LocalInitialContext.close() to logout of embedded  
   * [OPENEJB-894] LocalInitialContext.close() to shutdown embedded  
   * [OPENEJB-896] VM-scoped Security for embedded scenarios
   * [OPENEJB-805] JMS runs port-free in embedded mode
   * [OPENEJB-785] EJBd protocol over SSL
   * [OPENEJB-881] Automatically set for  
   * [OPENEJB-880] Automatically set for TopLink
   * [OPENEJB-801] Automatically set  
hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class for Hibernate


   * [OPENEJB-893] Improved JavaAgent/JPA enhancement for Unit Tests
   * [OPENEJB-826] Improved detection of testing and embedded scenarios
   * [OPENEJB-899] Improved classpath configuration searching
   * [OPENEJB-831] PersistenceModule discoverable via the classpath
   * [OPENEJB-892] Remove ASM dependency
   * [OPENEJB-813] Example: CMP2 EntityBean
   * [OPENEJB-348] Example: Minimal MessageDriven Bean via  
   * [OPENEJB-850] Example: Singleton bean with bean vs container  
   * [OPENEJB-359] Example: Using JMS
   * [OPENEJB-848] Validation: @TransactionAttribute mistakenly used  
on beans with Bean-Managed Transactions
   * [OPENEJB-855] Validation: Init/Remove annotations not used on  
MessageDriven, Stateless, or Singleton beans
   * [OPENEJB-677] Validation: PrePassivate/PostActivate not used on  
MessageDriven or Stateless
   * [OPENEJB-844] Validation: Singleton @Lock annotation not used  
with Bean-Managed Concurrency
   * [OPENEJB-846] Validation: Singleton mistakenly using  
@PrePassivate and @PostActivate
   * [OPENEJB-808] Validation: Unused ejbCreate methods
   * [OPENEJB-809] Validation: Unused ejbPostCreate methods
   * [OPENEJB-859] Improved validation for <home>, <remote>, <local- 
home>, <local>, <business-local> and <business-remote> elements
   * [OPENEJB-817] ID portion of property overriding no longer case  
   * [OPENEJB-856] Upgrade to OpenJPA 1.1.0
   * [OPENEJB-904] Pluggable Client/Server connection strategies and  
   * [OPENEJB-799] Support META-INF/env-entry.properites as an  
alternative to META-INF/env-entries.properies
   * [OPENEJB-800] Default env-entry-type to java.lang.String
   * [OPENEJB-823] Print Service properties on debug
   * [OPENEJB-825] Eliminate possible mismatch of TxRecovery flag  
between TransactionManager and Resources
   * [OPENEJB-829] Automatically add an @DeclareRole ref for any role  
listed in @RolesAllowed
   * [OPENEJB-828] @EJB(name) value used to resolve ambiguous refs
   * [OPENEJB-818] CMP1.1 and CMP2.x beans not required to implement  
   * [OPENEJB-807] CMP2 EntityBean interface methods auto-implemented
   * [OPENEJB-814] CMP2 <cmp-field> declarations are optional
   * [OPENEJB-810] CMP ejbPostCreate methods made optional
   * [OPENEJB-812] Explicitly check for CMP/BMP  
ejbHome.remove(ejbObject) mistake
   * [OPENEJB-916] Local Client "java:comp/ 
TransactionSynchronizationRegistry" lookup
   * [OPENEJB-915] Local Client "java:comp/TransactionManager" lookup
   * [OPENEJB-914] Local Client "java:comp/UserTransaction" lookup


   * [OPENEJB-832] Invoking EJB via remote interface with argument of  
value boolean.class results in ClassNotFoundException
   * [OPENEJB-907] Element <jndi> possibly ignored in openejb-jar.xml
   * [OPENEJB-833] @ApplicationException overriding via ejb-jar.xml  
   * [OPENEJB-786] Stateless Container StrictPooling option ignored
   * [OPENEJB-851] ActiveMQResourceAdapter: ActiveMQ Embedded broker  
always started even if BrokerXmlConfig is empty
   * [OPENEJB-824] HOWL TX Logging left on by default
   * [OPENEJB-843] CalculatorTest fails
   * [OPENEJB-834] some jsps in tomcat integration broken
   * [OPENEJB-804] ConnectionFactory autocreation
   * [OPENEJB-871] Saaj Implementation not found (--> NoClassDefFound)
   * [OPENEJB-861] Add support to add JSF impl jars to WEB-INF/lib
   * [OPENEJB-852] Minor typo in <business-remote> and <business- 
local> validation message
   * [OPENEJB-835] @ApplicationException ignored when class exists in  
separate module
   * [OPENEJB-919] MDBs should be sorted to end of the deployment list
   * [OPENEJB-793] Possible infinite loop in CheckCallbacks
   * [OPENEJB-811] Legacy ""   
namespace not recognized

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