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From Olivier THIERRY <>
Subject Re: Problem with entityManager and Open EJB 3.1
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 08:53:14 GMT
2009/2/6 David Blevins <>:
> I guess my first question would be is this in use in a test case or in
> another environment like Tomcat?  If in a test case, how do the setup and
> tear down's work?  I.e. are OpenEJB and Seam being torn down together and
> are they being torn down before and after each test, or once before all
> tests and once after?
> -David

I use Open EJB for unit test cases only. I could not make extended
persistence context work unless I used Seam, but I probably did
something wrong. Anyway I didn't investigate further since I use Seam
components. Actually what Seam adds (I think) to EJB3 behaviour is
that extended persistence context can be kept on many requests, being
attached to the very useful conservation scope for example, while EJB3
extended persistence context are limited to SFSB called within one
single request.

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