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From David Blevins <>
Subject Fwd: Thank you for not supporting me in any way
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 23:29:37 GMT

Lo siento por todo.  The quality and speed of responsiveness on the  
users list is something that has been a strength in the project, but  
the user base has grown considerably since our 3.1 release and it is  
leading to slower response times.  To survive this growth we are going  
to need some of these new users to turn into developers and committers  
and contributors.

Apache projects are true community run projects for the good and bad.   
The good is that the doors to the project are truly open, not  
restricted to people of any specific company, and anyone can come in  
and contribute.  This includes you and any other members of the  
community.  OpenEJB has no owner other than Apache whose only concern  
is ensuring that the users of the software have the access they need  
to support themselves, add the features they need, can benefit in  
others doing the same and ultimately to legally protect that vision  
and those that share in it.  Apache is not an organization like JBoss  
or Glassfish where the code is owned by a for-profit company who  
retains the right to make all decisions, has a staff of salaried  
developers and a dedicated support team.

What we do have is a small community of individuals who believe in the  
project, view themselves not as owners but as custodians, and want  
nothing more than to see the project thrive and to share it with  
others who feel the same.  As one of the more core people on the  
project, I feel a heightened responsibility for the project's success,  
but ultimately it is everyone's responsibility as it should be.

I truly hope you that you re-evaluate OpenEJB based on it's ability or  
potential to serve your needs and to view the community of people  
around it not as people who are trying to sell you something or owe  
you anything, but as peers where we are all responsible for helping  
each other as the equal owners of the project.

As a new, or potentially new, member of the community you're going to  
be only on the receiving side initially, but I will do everything I  
can as I'm sure others will, to reach a hand down and pull you in  
should you decide you want to be a part of this small but growing  

We are truly in this together.

Con mucho respeto y sinceridad,


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> From: Alberto López <>
> Date: February 12, 2009 4:08:00 AM PST
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> Subject: Thank you for not supporting me in any way
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> we were seriously considering adopting OpenEJB (we are a spanish  
> government
> agency) because we liked the concept, but this complete lack of  
> feedback has
> made our minds clear.
> Cheers.
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