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From Jean-Louis MONTEIRO <>
Subject Re: Ready to start, but have questions
Date Mon, 20 Apr 2009 13:00:23 GMT

James D Carroll-3 wrote:
> I'm fairly new to J2EE and have been messing around with alot of little
> test projects to get a feel and I think I'm ready to create my working
> project, but would appreciate your insight into structuring it. 
> Here's what I'm looking to do:
> All data will be stored in a db. I would like to use OpenJPA and Entity
> Beans for persistence so that I can demo with a local derby database
> than repoint to our main server when I want.
> Sitting on top of those, would be EJBs exposing the business methods
> that make the entities dance, right? Here's where I get a little hazy,
> but also where I think OpenEJB will help the most.  
> At first, the app will be a Swing app distributed as a fatjar to
> people's desks.  We have a Tomcat server, but I may not be able to
> convince my boss to let me put the app there, let alone install
> Geronimo. So to hedge against that I was going to embed OpenEJB in the
> app and use it that way at least at first. If he likes it, but wants me
> to 'webify' it I'd like to be able to simply (within) reason, push the
> server part to Tomcat (again with OpenEJB) or Geronimo with the Swing
> app hitting it.  In the meantime GWT 1.6 will hopefully be ready and I
> can convert the frontend.
> You're insight into the following would be greatly appreciated:
> 1. Does this seem possible/ reasonable?
Sure it's possible. If you use the Service Locator design pattern (an
example is provided with OpenEJB), you will be able to simply switch from a
local (in JVM) server to a remote one (RMI calls throughout the network).

James D Carroll-3 wrote:
> 2. When it comes to client-server communication which way would best fit
> this scenario?  This is the layer where I have the most problems
> conceptually. From the doc that I've read there seems to be 101
> different ways all with advantages. I could really use help narrowing
> (not an EJB pun, BTW) my focus.
See below

James D Carroll-3 wrote:
> 3. What would be the best non Maven way to organize my project(s) in
> Eclipse. An EAR for the whole thing? Seperate JPA, EJB, Dynamic Web,
> Swing,GWT projects?  I know lots of folks like Maven, but I've never had
> any luck with the Eclipse plugin and I've beasically given up on it.
Maven would be very nice to help you separate, organize, assemble all.
I guess, you should at least have one project for you business logic and one
for each GUI.


James D Carroll-3 wrote:
> Thank you all very much for you help,
> James

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