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From Mho <>
Subject How to use log4j.xml in Tomcat-openEJB environment
Date Sun, 31 May 2009 22:06:42 GMT

I am familiar with tomcat but new to openEJB. Also I saw the thread from
Sieg but could not figure out what I needed so I am posting this.  In case
there is a shortcut, I am using Eclipse for development.

Is there a way to setup the Tomcat-openEJB environment so that when Tomcat
comes up and fires up openEJB it looks at a log4j.xml file that I can edit
and add my own stuff (like nightly rolling file and sending log traces from
different packages to different files etc.) 

It looks like openEJB adds some directives for log4j to the file
[tomcat_home]/conf/ and it seems that it would be a great
thing if there is a way to tell it to use a log4j.xml file and I can put my
stuff in that same file and if there is a system problem I can see whatever
openEJB has to say right next to my log trace.

My specific problem is that I am porting some applications from JBOSS to
openEJB/Tomcat environment and in JBOSS we would modify log4j.xml file tht
JBOSS used and I am just used to that approach. For example 
in my Web applications that use Tomcat (w/O openEJB) I make a web
application that just initializes the environment and starts log4j and I
tell Tomcat to start it as soon as it comes up. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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