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From Jonathan Gallimore <>
Subject Re: Branding Eclipse RCP with OpenEJB
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 21:58:34 GMT
Hi Yudi,

Thanks for your e-mail. I'm copying this reply to the OpenEJB users mailing
list in case this is helpful to anyone else, hope that's ok.

I'm glad this looks like what you need and I hope the plugins are useful. I
can't take the credit for very much though - pretty much all of the RCP /
OSGi stuff was contributed by Deryck Brown, and I'm just one small member of
the OpenEJB community ;-)

I'm actually currently in the process of changing a couple of sample plugins
we have so they can be built by Maven as part of our build process. The
plugins in question are here echo.stateless.bean and echo.stateless.client
in our SVN repository here:

These were contributed by Deryck when he first contributed the OSGi server
plugin, and are a better example of an actual RCP application than my
test.ejb/test.ejb.client projects which I knocked up quickly to show how to
use all this just with a fairly minimal Equinox setup. The
echo.stateless.client plugin will actually fire up an empty Eclipse
application with its own workbench and call an EJB as does so.

Once I've got these building with Maven (which has been a bit of a mission
as I really am a newbie to OSGi - I've spent the last threee days battling a
silly ClassLoader issue, but I think I've cracked it now!) I was going to
expand on the documentation, and do a screencast demonstrating this as well.
I should hopefully make a bit of progress on this over the next couple of
evenings - feel free to nudge me though.

I was also thinking I might add a wizard to generate a simple OpenEJB RCP
app to our Eclipse toolset - would people find this useful?



On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 5:03 PM, Yudi Xue <> wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> I have read your recent page (at
> using embedded OpenEJB within Eclipse RCP.
> That is exactly what I needed for embedding the EJB environment to use
> LocalStateless Session bean.
> After I downloaded your snapshot project (at
> I am able to follow your instruction to install the
> openejb.server-1.0.2.jar.
> However, I am not sure how to apply this within eclipse RCP project.
> I am not sure by creating an EJB bundle you said:
> *"You will need to create an OSGi bundle to hold your EJBs. This could be
> an existing EJB jar, which you can add a manifest file to. This bundle will
> need to declare a dependency on org.apache.openejb.server in the manifest:"
> *
> Can you give me more details/instructions about how to get the* **test.ejb
> and test.ejb.client *working *within ecilpse RCP environment and export to
> standalone application*?
> My platform is *eclipse 3.5 with Java 5* on Mac OS X.
> Again, thanks for your great effort on implementing OpenEJB framework and
> the plugins!
> kind regards, yudi

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