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From Christopher Gardner <>
Subject Embedded Eclipse Configuration Issue
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2009 17:04:55 GMT
I'm successfully using OpenEJB as an embedded container for testing
purposes only.  Production deployments are going to another container
to be determined.

I have the following eclipse directory structure:

+ conf/            # includes persistence.xml, dozer mapping files, etc.

+ openejb-home/
   + conf/        # empty before running a unit test

+ src/
  + java/            # includes many subdirectories

+ test/
   + conf/
     + openejb.xml
   + java/   # includes many subdirectories

When I set up the InitialContext, I also include the following properties:

        properties.setProperty("openejb.home", "openejb-home");
        properties.setProperty("openejb.base", "openejb-home");

Everything runs fine.  The openejb.xml configuration file is found in
test/conf.  The generated properties and config files (e.g.,, are automatically created in
openejb-home/conf.  Also, the temp directory is created under
openejb-home.  I connect to an external database, so there is no db

However, I was expecting all openejb files and directories to be
created under openejb-home, but only the aforementioned ones were.
Additionally, there is another being created under
my main conf directory (i.e., hca/conf) and the logs directory is
being created under hca.

Why does OpenEJB seem to ignore my home and base overrides?  I don't
want to change the name of my own conf directory because it's our
standard.  Also, if I created my file under conf,
OpenEJB would overwrite it.

Any ideas?


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