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From Jean-Louis MONTEIRO <>
Subject Re: REQUIRES_NEW within a NEVER transaction throwing an exception, bug or misuse?
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 09:03:49 GMT


IMO, A and B should be SUPPORTS and C REQUIRED.
Can you provide a small example to reproduce the problem if any?


Ravindranath Akila wrote:
> I have an operation on which
> one is a dirty read, so the transaction scope is NEVER
> and the other requires a transaction, hence REQUIRES_NEW.
> I need to call both these in the same bean so unless I mark this caller
> method otherwise, it defaults.
> Therefore I tried marking it NEVER, NOT_SUPPORTED and SUPPORTS but all
> these
> throw exceptions.
> Caller Method = A
> Called Methods = B and C
> B => NEVER, NOT_SUPPORTED (this is the dirty read)
> A calls B, then C
> it seems that using ANY transaction scope, i.e. all enlisted in
> transactionattribute class I cannot call both the two other methods, one
> not
> supporting or rejecting a transaction(B) and the other requiring a new
> one(C).
> I agree that nested transactions are not supported in EJB, but if the
> caller(A) is marked NEVER, NOT_SUPPORTED or SUPPORTS, and was called from
> an
> ordinary method(having no transaction scope), then it should not impose
> any
> transaction to methods IT calls. It if it does, it should sleep and let
> them
> handle it from there. I could not find anything on Google or the Sun
> tutorial.
> Please help me with this.

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