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From ttsuchi <>
Subject Re: Configuring Resource Adapter
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2009 23:15:15 GMT


I am also trying to use Jackrabbit via JCA.  I've placed the Jackrabbit RAR
in the classpath and hard-coded some config-property-value in the
META-INF/ra.xml file.  However, it's still not getting injected to my EJBs. 
I tried

Repository repository;

... but this is null. The log says:

INFO - Configuring Service(id=repositoryRA, type=Resource,
INFO - Configuring Service(id=repository, type=Resource,
DEBUG - [TransactionSupport=xa]
DEBUG - [ResourceAdapter=repositoryRA]
DEBUG - Using default 'openejb.validation.output.level=medium'.  Possible
values are: terse, medium, verbose
INFO - Enterprise application "classpath.ear" loaded.
DEBUG - Starting ResourceAdapter(id=Default JMS Resource Adapter)
DEBUG - LocalIntialContext.close()
INFO - Assembling app: classpath.ear
INFO - Using 'openejb.tempclassloader.skip=annotations'
DEBUG - Starting ResourceAdapter(id=repositoryRA)
WARN - Property "ResourceAdapter" not supported by "repository"
WARN - Injection data not found in enc:
jndiName='com.mycompany.SomeBean/repository', target=class

Somehow I don't think the resource has been mapped in the JNDI tree to start
with...  How is the JNDI name for the inbound resource configured in
OpenEJB? Also, is there any documentation for JCA support in OpenEJB?


Philipp Bunge-2 wrote:
> Hi David!
>> I've been hacking on this and it looks like I'll need more changes that I
>> anticipated -- some related code that really needs to be fixed up.
>> In the meantime you can use the <config-property-value> element directly
>> in
>> the ra.xml file to setup Jackrabbit.
> Thanks for looking in to it!
> Yes, in the meantime I managed to work around it, so it's not as sexy
> as it could be but at least my unit tests work. :-)
> And thanks for all your work on OpenEJB! It's something we really
> appreciate a lot!
> Cheers,
> Philipp

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