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From Philipp Bunge <>
Subject Re: Configuring Resource Adapter
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 10:18:07 GMT
Hi Tom

> I am also trying to use Jackrabbit via JCA.  I've placed the Jackrabbit RAR
> in the classpath and hard-coded some config-property-value in the
> META-INF/ra.xml file.  However, it's still not getting injected to my EJBs.
> I tried
> @Resource
> Repository repository;
> ... but this is null.

I had that issue as well, but the problem was actually unrelated to
any JNDI issues. I had forgotten to create the Jackrabbit repository
directory and that's why the resource adapter wasn't working. Took me
a while to figure out though, as the errors didn't show up in my logs.
I only noticed once I stepped through with a debugger.

I also set the connector ID as Christian wrote, but more out of
cosmetic reasons. It didn't actually have an effect on the deployment
in my case.


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