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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: jbosscmp
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 21:38:30 GMT

On Dec 21, 2009, at 4:22 PM, tbush wrote:

> So essentially, this class just converts the vendor specific  
> descriptors into
> a JPA orm class.  Right?

Right.  Our CMP impl is just a layer on top of JPA.  (sorry for the  
delay in that simple response -- holidays :)

I think we have some Sun descriptor tests you can copy.  Maybe grab  
those and replace the sun descriptor with a jboss descriptor.   
Theoretically they should output the same jpa mapping file.  Might  
help severely narrow down and make more obvious the work required in  
the middle.  And of course, feel free to ask even simple questions on  
the dev@ list.  No need to wait for just "big" things.

> Also, where/how would you like my changes?

Took some time and got this resolved.  Sent a note on it, let me know  
if you didn't get it.


> David Blevins wrote:
>> On Dec 10, 2009, at 11:15 PM, tbush wrote:
>>> I'm working on using openejb to unit test an older application which
>>> is
>>> currently deployed to JBoss.  Can OpenEBJ read and process the
>>> jbosscmp-jdbc.xml?  I found
>>> org.apache.openejb.jee.jba.cmp.JbosscmpJdbc in
>>> the 3.1.2 codebase; but I haven't see how to configure OpenEJB to
>>> read the
>>> xml.
>> We do for the GlassFish descriptors, and would like to for the JBoss
>> stuff as well.  We have the JAXB tree in there to read the  
>> descriptor,
>> but don't have any conversion code in there yet.  I'm not aware of
>> anyone working on it at the moment.  It may have even been me who
>> added that jaxb tree, but it's been a while and I don't recall - I
>> added a bunch of JAXB trees when we did the GlassFish specific work.
>> If you wanted to do some work here, we would *love* it. Doesn't have
>> to be complete.  Here's the GlassFish converter which you could copy
>> from:
>> -David
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