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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: How can OpenEJB ignore old webapps in Tomcat?
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2010 02:45:16 GMT
Good suggestion, Fred!  And of course you're welcome to hack if you  
want -- 90% of the active committers are just users themselves with  
day jobs.

I had a related thought recently about includes and excludes for  
libraries in the webapps.  Basically was thinking some webapps have  
really a *lot* of libraries and that it would be nice to make some  
sort of file (xml or properties) people could configure which jars of  
the webapp are scanned.  Say a 'scanning.xml' file or something.

Theoretically, the same file could work to just have the entire webapp  
excluded from any action.

Thoughts? Preferences?


On Jan 25, 2010, at 7:31 PM, Jean-Louis MONTEIRO wrote:

> Hi Fred,
> If it's a requirement for you, i'd be more than happy to provide  
> such a
> feature.
> Would like to get community opinion on the best way to implement it.
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Louis
> freeway wrote:
>> Hi Jean-Louis and forum,
>> I would like to press for this kind of enhancement to embedded  
>> OpenEJB:
>> that is, one that allows particular webapps in the Tomcat  
>> environment to
>> be included/excluded from its scope.
>> I am frankly amazed that such a basic feature was not built into the
>> package from the very beginning.  Production environments are not
>> sandboxes, most of them are shared with applications of various  
>> origins
>> and ages, written in different coding styles.  Not being able to  
>> limit the
>> scope of OpenEJB in a shared Tomcat environment raises grave doubts  
>> about
>> whether we should use it at all!  Otherwise, how can we ever be  
>> sure that
>> some other webapp deployed before or after OpenEJB will not break it?
>> I would be glad to discuss the point in more detail with the  
>> project team,
>> or provide other materials that would further progress.  (I could  
>> also
>> attempt my own hacks to your source code of course, but am much less
>> confident of success using that approach!)
>> Regards,
>> Fred
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