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From Quintin Beukes <>
Subject OpenEJB 3.1.2 maven build broken due to ActiveMQ dependency
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2010 09:14:15 GMT

It seems the maven central has removed 3.0.0-incubator. It was there
yesterday where the build succeeded on my local machine. Today I
upload it to a server, and it fails because
doesn't exist anymore.

The path to the dedendency is:

I injected it manually, though this isn't an ideal solution.

Any suggestions, or would you be able to fix it?

I even tried adding activeio-core-3.0.1 as a dependency to my POM, but
it didn't seem to override openejb's dependency. I also tried adding
activemq-core-4.1.2 as a dependency to my POM, but this didn't work
either. So it seems that unless you already have this jar, you can't
build OpenEJB 3.1.2

Quintin Beukes

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