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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Transaction required exception
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 16:20:31 GMT

On Dec 18, 2009, at 9:04 AM, Mansour Al Akeel wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 6:37 AM, David Blevins  
> <> wrote:
>> On Dec 17, 2009, at 3:52 AM, Mansour Al Akeel wrote:
>> This should be fine depending on how you get your entity manager  
>> reference
>> and how your persistence unit is declared.  Your persistence unit  
>> should be
>> of type TRANSACTION and you should be using @PersistenceContext to  
>> get a
>> reference to the EntityManager (not @PersistenceUnit or an
>> EntityManagerFactory).
> I don't understand, why would I keep the type TRANSACTION ? I have
> RESOURCE_LOCAL since I want to handle everything from the bean ? From
> the document you sent me states:
> --------------------------
> With <persistence-unit transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL"> you are
> responsible for EntityManager (PersistenceContext/Cache) creating and
> tracking...
>    * You must use the EntityManagerFactory to get an EntityManager
>    * The resulting EntityManager instance is a PersistenceContext/ 
> Cache
>    * An EntityManagerFactory can be injected via the @PersistenceUnit
> annotation only (not @PersistenceContext)
> --------------------------
> Am I missing something ?

Maybe I can add some bullets to that doc.

The long and short of it is that if you are using a transaction  
manager (either directly via UserTransaction or indirectly via  
@TransactionAttribute) and you want the EntityManager (and related  
DataSources) to cooperate with that transaction, then you need  
TRANSACTION as your transaction-type.

Here's an commented version of the code you posted to clarify:

     public Restaurant create(Restaurant obj)
                  Context ctx = new InitialContext();
                  UserTransaction ut = (UserTransaction) ctx
                  // request the transaction manager to start a  

                  // this line will cause an EntityManager to be  
created under the covers
                  // and associated with the JTA transaction in  
                  obj = getEntityManager().merge(obj);

                  // this line is not needed

                  // this line will cause the transaction to end
                  // and the entitymanager to be flushed and closed  
and discarded
              } catch (Exception e)
          return obj;

You likely have things working already, but wanted to give some  

Hope that's clearer.


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