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From Fabio Oliveira <>
Subject Why did @Stateful create tables, but @Steteless didn't?
Date Fri, 12 Feb 2010 18:11:55 GMT
Hi list!

I started to learn how to do unit tests using OpenEJB. To make the
things easy, I started to change one of the examples, the
jpa-eclipselink. My requisites include use JPA 2.0, and I made this
change without problems. But I need to populate the database before
the tests, and I use for this task the DBUnit, and everything ran ok.
But finally, when I tried to change the EJB scope, from @Stateful to
@Stateless, the tables wasn't created by eclipselink!

I changed:

public class TrimboxSecurityContextBean implements SecurityContext {

    @PersistenceContext(unitName= "seguranca",
    private EntityManager repositorio;


public class TrimboxSecurityContextBean implements SecurityContext {

    @PersistenceContext(unitName= "seguranca")
    private EntityManager repositorio;

Maybe is a naive mistake, but I couldn't saw the differences. Why the
change of scope influence the table generation by EclipseLink? Anyone
can help?

I'm sending the code attached, any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Fábio Braga de Oliveira

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