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From joe <>
Subject Re: testing, @Local/@Remote
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 13:12:33 GMT

> Before EJB 3.1, @local was not required. If you have a bean implementing a
> single interface, the container will assume it's the local interface. If you
> implement more than one interface, you have to explicitly add the @Local
> annotation.


> Since EJB 3.1, a bean is not required to implement an interface (@local or
> @remote).

OK, but this makes only sence for local EJBs?
Cause in EJB 3.0 i use the Remote Interface to reference the EJB.
So i guess for RemoteEJBs this explicit Remote-Interface is still needed?

> As you already noticed, some details are available at
> .

"... Local interfaces in EJB are pass-by-reference interfaces..."

Ah ok, so this will be faster than the serialization / deserialization 
of the Parameters as used for RemoteBeans. As i can see in the debugger 
the serialization / deserialization really happens if a RemoteEJB method 
is invoked.

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