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From Raul Lapeira <>
Subject Re: different versions of jars within EAR/WAR/EJB module
Date Sun, 21 Feb 2010 19:35:57 GMT
"jar hell" is the word XD.

We use an application called lady4j to solve this kind of issues because 
there is no general solution (AFAIK) to the class loading problems.

Drop your exceptions in and let it get the problem solved, 
(sometimes) it works XD.

For sure the openejb creators could help you better.


Karsten Ohme escribió:
> Hi,
> I have the following problem:
> I'm using different utility libraries which are using also different 
> versions of e.g. Apache-commons libraries. Now some libraries are used
> in different versions. So, I have possibly some default library versions
> in the application server and some library versions in my ear and the
> ear can also include different library versions.
> Which library wins? Until now somehow this always worked, but now I had
> the problem with different versions. I received strange exceptions while
> using different versions together.
> How can this problem be solved? Do I have to exclude in my Maven
> configuration all duplicates manually?
> Regards,
> Karsten

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