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From Andy <>
Subject Re: resource adapter configuration for Sun JMSJCA sun-jms-adapter
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2010 09:06:33 GMT
On 17.11.2010 16:41, lb wrote:
> I'm also interested in how to setup the resource adapter - Struggling with
> kicking out default ActiveMQ and successfully referencing the Sun JMSJCA
> Resource Adapter.
In the current implementation I don't think this is possible 'out of the box'. OpenEJB is
bound to ActiveMQ at the 
moment, but with the option of using 4.x or 5.x.

The code is more or less in place to create a portable solution, but has not yet been implemented.
I'd like to follow 
through on this as I am also interested in trying other MQ's. The only problem is really finding
the time to get this 
done - I have worked a fair bit on the OpenEJB/ActiveMQ RA, but at work I am currently in
the middle/end of a sizeable 
project and am finding it difficult to invest time outside. Also, OpenEJB (trunk) is working
like a charm for me at the 
moment (in a high load environment) so I don't really have much pressure to hack this. Keep
nudging me though, as I am 
bound to crack under pressure!

However, back-end aside, the JMS (EJB side) front end is the defined and expected standard.
It is safe to develop your 
solution using OpenEJB as long as you stick to the JMS API. Support for other MQ's will come
in time.

All that said, and I have not tried this so no idea if it will work, try removing all ActiveMQ
libraries from the 
classpath (OpenEJB/lib) to prevent it being loaded.


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