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From Tony Tubbs <>
Subject Re: Need help getting Derby running in JUnit
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2010 02:51:01 GMT
> From: David Blevins <>
> If you cut out JNDI and use injection instead, you  can get a lot of
> that complexity out of both your production code and your  testcases
> for your production code.

Thanks for the hints!  I think I understand what you've said, but will need to 
think on this some.  I'll get back to it next week.  This is all new to me, and 
it's not yet clear where I am getting all the functionality.  NetBeans hides 
much of the code-by-configuration, so when I have to get into it myself, it gets 
hard.  I have a very risk adverse legal department that greatly restricts the 
use of open source directly or embedded.  This is partly why I am not using JPA, 
and because I'm not, I do not have EclipseLink, TopLink, etc in the project. 
 I'm not sure now, but I think when I removed those libraries, that forced me to 
remove the annotations such as @EJB.  I don't recall having made use of 

Also, I have an EAR project which contains an ejb jar and a war project.  The 
war is making use of the EJBs out of the ejb jar.  It is my understanding that 
the @EJB sort of injection does not work across projects that way (at least I 
couldn't get it to work).  So, I'm using <ejb-local-ref> in my web.xml file. 
 I haven't tried, but perhaps with my test cases still inside my ejb jar, I 
could make use of the @EJB annotation there.

> The xml looks fine, but if  you didn't use the no-arg "new
> InitialContext()" in the EJB code that does  the lookup than no
> "java:comp/env" lookups will work.

Hmm...  I'm confused again.  I did try to use OpenEJB context in my EJBs.  The 
no-arg constructor does not work in JUnit (I thought and how I came to find 
OpenEJB) because there is no container, so I'm embedding OpenEJB to serve that 
purpose, but to do so I'm unable to use the no-arg constructor.  I think there's 
some bit of information right here in front of me, but I'm not making the 
connection.  Perhaps you are saying that by embedding OpenEJB and passing the 
properties object in the constructor, when it then loads it also causes the 
no-arg version to start working too.  Will have to experiment with that.

> It's also  possible to set things up to use the annotation approach and
> then instruct  OpenEJB to spit out an equivalent xml descriptor via
> setting the  "openejb.descriptors.output" system property to "true".
> It can also be  specified in the InitialContext params. So even if
> there was a strong desire  to not use annotations, you could still use
> them long enough to get OpenEJB  to create all the xml for you.  After
> which point you can just keep the  xml and loose the annotations.

This sounds helpful.  Will have to look into this for sure.  I can make use of 
anything I need to locally (EclipseLink or whatnot) to get things configured and 
strip stuff back out again if necessary.  

Thanks again for the help.  It is much appreciated.

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