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From kenundrumz2100 <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB and Database Views
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 13:57:43 GMT

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the reply. 

We do not use maven for our builds.

Also, we actually currently are doing the creation of the tables manually
with the old fashioned SQL files like you talked about, but because we are
still in a development stage we really don't want to add one more level of
complexity to the steps. In this case, we don't want to have to alter the
SQL scripts every time we want to add or remove or change a name of a
variable, especially when the deployment container (in our case JBoss) will
do that for us for free. It's just the OpenEJB mocked out container that has
a problem dealing with the views. We really were hoping that the
SyncronizeMappings class would have a parameter that would deal with this
easily, or at least easier than we are having right now. I imagine we are
not the first people to want to map views to entity beans, and i would like
to hope someone out there has done something to unit test them together in a

While we are open to the idea of SQL files if that is the only option, it
just defiantly is not the best option, especially with how many tables we
will be having at the end of the development cycle.
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