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From Andre Brito <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB's Context doesn't support bind, rebind and unbind?
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2011 15:08:03 GMT
David, I'm not using anything like that. Apparently, the developers that were
using JBoss didn't used that kind of naming too.

To tell you the truth, I'm not using a lot of EJB features. Just the basics.
It's not a very sophisticated app, apparently. It uses JavaMail, WebServices
(Axis2), and Multithreading (something like Producer - Consumer). The client
- remote communication was very easy, almost nothing to change. The app has
like 100 Sesion Beans, and the server should be online 16/7, but nothing

Right now I'm having some troubles in configuring JKS or client certificate.
The app was using a SAR in JBoss. Now, since OpenEJB startup is very fast,
we don't have any trouble or concern in waiting to start and ask a session
to start this service.

My problem doesn't have anything to do with the rebind, but I'll try to
explain it.

I have 2 situations.
First is using 3 different JVMs. JVM 1 is the standalone OpenEJB. JVM 2 is
this service (first, not in the Session). It looks up Session beans in a
remote way (using RemoteInitialContextFactory). When the service starts (in
JVM 2), it's perfect, a dream. It's even faster than JBoss, actually, so the
architect (I'm a programmer) is very excited (but not putting a lot of work
on this, leaving allll the trouble to me. At least I'm learning and getting
to know lot of people in OpenEJB community). This second JVM is responsible
for getting data from database (using Eclipselink, database has something
like 300 tables) and consuming a few webservices. The problem is when the
third JVM appears. This third JVM is a Swing client, that consumes these
webservices too. And the problem is related do authentication using pfx and
jks files. Since the auth configuration is in different JVMs, I understand
that the error must occurr (the auth is configured in JVM 2, not the server.
So, when JVM 2 access OpenEJB server, JVM 2 has everything configured
working. But when JVM 3 tries to consume, it gets this auth error, because
there's nothing configured).

I'm working in the second situation, trying to solve the error I described
in the first. I'm starting OpenEJB in the Embedded Remotable way. So I have
2 JVMs, the OpenEJB server (with the SAR in it, this time in a Session bean)
and the Swing client (this guy can lookup Session beans without problems).
But now, I'm getting the error that JVM 3 is getting when trying to consume
the webservice in JVM 1, in the first situation!

Now, this I can't understand!

Sorry for my bad english. Past few weeks I have to write tons of e-mails in
Portuguese and Spanish.


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