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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Remote access through network
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 18:40:10 GMT

On Jun 3, 2011, at 5:22 AM, Andre Brito wrote:

> Lots of features coming. That's very cool. In Brazil, I believe that lots of
> companies choose tecnology based on the feedback and support from the web.
> If you type "JBoss SAR" in Google, hundreads of pages will come up. So they
> tend to choose something like that.
> I strongly believe the only reason why OpenEJB is not 'famous' it's because
> it's not very widespread (don't know if I put the right words here). And
> honestly, I believe that there's not much you guys can do, except keep up
> with the great work you are all doing.

Every little blog post, tweet and retweet helps too. :)  Takes a lot of people to create buzz.

> David Blevins-2 wrote:
>> You should join the project :)  We're growing but we still need more
>> contributors. A complete overhaul of the website, a new app server
>> (TomEE)... it's a lot of work :)
> Yeah, I think about that very often and seriously. Specially when it comes
> down to write code to OpenEJB e TomEE. But I'm not able to do that (at least
> not right now). The project is in a very advanced stage for me (not just the
> code, but the spec, the requirements, the build... stuff like that. It's not
> just coding, debugging and testing, you have to know what and why you are
> doing that). But I must say that I'm very interested in doing that. Maybe in
> a near future :)

That's not the hard part.  The hard part is time.  If you have any time to contribute, there's
always something that needs doing that isn't fancy but still really important.

Anyone with any time at all to contribute is so incredibly welcome.  Skill level is not important.
 We all just do what we can.

On the broken examples front maybe you can help us convert a few to markdown.

So far only the 'simple-stateless' example has a file.  We will eventually need
a for all the examples.  There are 46 examples and we've only ever managed to document
13 of them, so clearly we need to lower the bar and get some sort of really minimal skeleton in there for every example and worry about adding more detail later.

We could do a divide and conquer on that.  You could create the bare with just the
headers and some code snippets, maybe some text if you can think of any, then I can go through
and try and add some details.  With 46 examples it will still take a while even with two people.


> I couldn't find the link to download eclipse-plugin. Can you guys help me?

Looks like we're missing that.  Here's the blog post:

One more sign that there's more work than people :)


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