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From David Latil <>
Subject simple binding to global jndi
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 17:57:26 GMT
This seems like such an easy question, but I haven't been able to do it yet.

I have ejb application I am testing using embedded openejb.  One of my ejb's has this in its


I need to bind a URL into the global JNDI namespace.  I can do it when I am testing the ejb
itself using the, but when I am pulling in the ear as a .jar file
into my integration tests, I can't seem to get the env-properties to work.  So I figured I
would just inject directly into the InitialContext using .bind, but that didn't work because
I believe the injection had already taken place and it couldn't find the global jndi entry.

How do you bind objects  (other than EJB's, Resources) to global JNDI so that they can be
picked up later for injection.  This seems simple, I must be missing something.  Everything
I try keeps giving me "warning Injection data not found in JNDI context: ...."

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