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From Bjorn Danielsson <>
Subject OpenEJB 3.2 availability question
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 15:13:16 GMT
Is there an OpenEJB 3.2 binary snapshot available anywhere?

What I am looking for specifically is an OpenEJB plugin that works
with Tomcat 6.0.29 and which has a working include/exclude mechanism
for annotation scanning.

The exclude mechanism doesn't seem to work in the 3.1.4 plugin, and
when I tried a 4.0.0 snapshot it didn't play along with Tomcat 6.0.29,
because calls were made to a method that only exists in Tomcat 7:

I also tried to compile 3.2 from the Subversion branch, but I ran
into problems with broken openwebbeans dependencies which I couldn't
figure out how to fix.

I am trying to integrate my own EJB-based code with a third-party
application that runs on Tomcat 6.0.29, so using Tomcat 7 is not
an option at the moment. The plugin from the OpenEJB 3.1.4 release
actually works, but I need to add an extra gig of RAM to the server
just in order to get through the annotation-scanning phase, which
even then takes quite a long time.

Running my EJBs in the standalone container in its own JVM works
too of course, but for production it would be much nicer to have
everything deployed in Tomcat.

Björn Danielsson
Cuspy Code AB

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