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From Marius Kruger <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB 3.2 availability question
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 12:29:18 GMT
On 21 September 2011 02:40, David Blevins <> wrote:
>>> I assume that the guys are more focussed on the 4.0.0 release ATM and
>>> don't really get around to 3.2.0.
>> Yes, that is my impression too when I read the "dev" mailing list
>> archives. The 3.2.x branch seems to be broken.
> True on both counts.  Though a more revealing and accurate description is probably;
most the committers are busy with their day jobs and the small number of active people are
stretched pretty thin.  I know I'm getting about 4hrs of sleep a night.

shame man, yeah that was about as much as I got lastnight too.
I do understand and don't blame anyone, but I also don't really know
where to start helping to get 3.2 out.

> I pushed some binaries as well:

will try now..

<>< Marius ><>

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