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From Johnny Guo <>
Subject MDB not invoked
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2012 06:53:00 GMT

I'm new to openejb. Now i'm working with openejb integrated with Tomcat in
Eclipse. Openejb can start successfully. One MDB was setup to listen to a
jms queue and the start log like this:
[INFO] Found ejb module EjbModule in war /newjena
[INFO] Found ejb module EjbModule in war /newjena
[INFO] Configuring enterprise application:
[INFO] Auto-linking resource-ref
'jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSConnFactory' in bean StandardReportsBean
to Resource(id=jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSConnFactory)
[INFO] Auto-linking resource-ref 'jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSQueue' in
bean StandardReportsBean to
[INFO] Configuring Service(id=jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSQueue,
type=Resource, provider-id=Default Queue)
[INFO] Auto-creating a Resource with id
'jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSQueue' of type 'javax.jms.Queue for
[INFO] Creating Resource(id=jms/tdm-newjena/ReportStandardJMSQueue)
[INFO] Enterprise application
[INFO] Assembling app:
[INFO] Jndi(name=StandardReportsBean) -->
[INFO] Created Ejb(deployment-id=StandardReportsBean,
ejb-name=StandardReportsBean, container=My MDB Container)

But when the message is sent to the queue, the MDB can not be invoked.  What
is the problem and how can i get more detail information if something like
this happens?

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