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From Fernando Lozano <>
Subject Re: JAX-RS on webprofile
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 12:09:15 GMT

So Tomee web profile has all EJB features, not just EJB lite? The docs 
don't say that. Is there a way to disable remote ejb support?

I agree using Tomee+ would be easier, but it would also be bigger. 
JAX-RS on Tomee+ is provided by CXF, I suppose. Tomee docs have a dash 
("-") on the column about JAX-RS. But I won't need all CXF jars for just 

[]s, Fernando Lozano

> simply download tomee+ that's the easier way to do so.
> remote ejb is in tomee webprofile for instance.
> adding cxf brings already a lot of jar so IMO you'll not clean a lot your
> server working on it.
> - Romain
> 2012/5/3 Fernando Lozano<>
>> What do I have to add to tomee-webprofile so I get JAX-RS (only that,
>> without JAX-WS). I suppose they are Apache CXF jars, but I don't want to
>> get the "full" (plus) TomEE, because I don't want remote ejbs, jms, etc.
>> The docs for CXF state I can run a trimmed-down CXF with only jax-rs. But
>> it point me to a pom file. I'd like to minimize the jars I put on my app
>> and tomme, and maven has a way to add lots of unneeded jars to a project.
>> I suppose all needed CXF jars would be put inside tomee war, or should I
>> have to split: some on tomcat/lib, other on webapps/tomee?
>> []s, Fernando Lozano

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