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From Fernando Lozano <>
Subject Re: JAX-RS on webprofile
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 12:36:30 GMT

> where did you see tomee WP implements EJB Lite only? (maybe the doc is not
> enough clear, it'd be very nice if you can help us improving it)
I was supposing this myself, as most other web-profile-only servers only 
support EJB Lite. The docs don't say it is but don't say it isn't.

> to disable remote support delete tomee webapp ;)
But then won't I loose al other tomme features and have just plain Tomcat?

> you need only jaxrs jars but there are some tricky things in the last
> release (we are working with cxf community to make it easier):
> 1) we use our own patched version of cxf (because CXF is not 100% compliant
> to the spec today)
Please keep up the good work!

> 2) we check cxf dependencies and exclude already a bunch of them
That's my problem... every java project nowadays seems to take a lot of 
dependencies that are not really needed... and few docs about when they 
are really needed. :-(

> 3) from WP version you'll need to add some openejb extensions
> (openejb-rest, openejb-cxf-transport, openejb-cxf-rs at least)
> if you are still motivated add cxf dependencies + the openejb extensions of
> 3) and it should not be far to work
Thanks a lot.

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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