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From Jonathan Gallimore <>
Subject Re: Is OpenEJB + Jetty dead?
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 17:00:24 GMT
There's obviously been a big focus on Tomcat with the work that's gone on with getting TomEE
released and certified. I've always been really keen on getting OpenEJB working with Jetty,
and have had a very basic setup working which I have previously used for functional testing:,-jetty-and-selenium.html

I'd love to work on this some more if there's demand for it. Getting something basic working
I suspect wouldn't be too difficult, but getting a certified solution would probably be a
lot of work and so would be a longer term goal. Do you need a certified solution or would
something more basic be enough to get you going?


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On 1 May 2012, at 13:41, "Will Hoover" <> wrote:

> Is the initial OpenEJB + Jetty now a dead initiative? 
> The reason why I ask is because the new embedded feature in Tomcat 7 still
> is cumbersome to implement when compared to Jetty. This is especially true
> when a "real" embedded solution is desired that does not require a directory
> structure to maintain. Jetty allows you to set handlers without designating
> a home directory for web applications (which is very convenient when
> embedding within Java SE/JavaFX applications). I know Tomcat has done this
> for compliance reasons, but just as OpenEJB has revolutionized the EJB world
> by features outside the norm, so has Jetty in some respects. Don't get me
> wrong, I love Tomcat and use it extensively when applicable, but sometimes
> it makes more sense to use Jetty.

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