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From Romain Manni-Bucau <>
Subject Re: JAX-RS on webprofile
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 12:20:14 GMT
where did you see tomee WP implements EJB Lite only? (maybe the doc is not
enough clear, it'd be very nice if you can help us improving it)

to disable remote support delete tomee webapp ;)

you need only jaxrs jars but there are some tricky things in the last
release (we are working with cxf community to make it easier):
1) we use our own patched version of cxf (because CXF is not 100% compliant
to the spec today)
2) we check cxf dependencies and exclude already a bunch of them
3) from WP version you'll need to add some openejb extensions
(openejb-rest, openejb-cxf-transport, openejb-cxf-rs at least)

if you are still motivated add cxf dependencies + the openejb extensions of
3) and it should not be far to work

- Romain

2012/5/3 Fernando Lozano <>

> Romain,
> So Tomee web profile has all EJB features, not just EJB lite? The docs
> don't say that. Is there a way to disable remote ejb support?
> I agree using Tomee+ would be easier, but it would also be bigger. JAX-RS
> on Tomee+ is provided by CXF, I suppose. Tomee docs have a dash ("-") on
> the column about JAX-RS. But I won't need all CXF jars for just JAX-RS.
> []s, Fernando Lozano
>  simply download tomee+ that's the easier way to do so.
>> remote ejb is in tomee webprofile for instance.
>> adding cxf brings already a lot of jar so IMO you'll not clean a lot your
>> server working on it.
>> - Romain
>> 2012/5/3 Fernando Lozano<>
>>> What do I have to add to tomee-webprofile so I get JAX-RS (only that,
>>> without JAX-WS). I suppose they are Apache CXF jars, but I don't want to
>>> get the "full" (plus) TomEE, because I don't want remote ejbs, jms, etc.
>>> The docs for CXF state I can run a trimmed-down CXF with only jax-rs. But
>>> it point me to a pom file. I'd like to minimize the jars I put on my app
>>> and tomme, and maven has a way to add lots of unneeded jars to a project.
>>> I suppose all needed CXF jars would be put inside tomee war, or should I
>>> have to split: some on tomcat/lib, other on webapps/tomee?
>>> []s, Fernando Lozano

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