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From Anthony Fryer <>
Subject Re: Feedback on TomEE 1.0.0
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 23:24:29 GMT
I have been using tomee with eclipse for about 19 months now and i can verify
that the 1.0.0 release makes it much alot easier than it was.  Before that,
you had alot more work to do if you wanted to use workspace metadata as the
server location.  Now it works out of the box.

I also think m2e has improved alot over the past year and now maven webappp
projects in eclipse do get correctly built and automatically deployed to any
tomee server you may have configured.  The thing that i find suprisingly
poorly documented with eclipse m2e and webapps is that you MUST install the
m2e-wtp connector for this to work correctly.  Without it, you end up with
incorrect libs copied to WEB-INF/lib and other things that make your webapp
fail and are hard to track down.

To get a debugging experience where the server doesn't automatically restart
when you modify a file, make sure your web module is configured with "Auto
Reload" disabled (in eclipse, double click on your tomme server to open the
server "Overview" page, click on the Modules tab and you should see the
webapps you have configured to deploy to the server).  Then when you run
your server in debug mode, you can make java code changes and the eclipse
JDT will automatically reload those classes without restarting the server. 
The constraint is you cannot add methods or change method signatures (that
will require a server restart).  

You should also then be able to modify xhtml and jsp files as well.  I did
have an issue once where JSP file changes weren't being picked up until a
server restart that was related to a setting in the global tomcat web.xml
file.  The "development" parameter was set to false for the JspServlet. 
That is also worth checking if you also experience that issue.

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