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From Marco de Booij <>
Subject Tomee Plus instead of Glassfish
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2012 14:14:50 GMT

Nearly 2 years ago I tried OpenEJB. I wanted to use it with Tomcat. It 
was not such a big success for me :-( Lack of knowledge from my side. I 
went to Glassfish and there I managed to get an application running. I 
used EJB3.1 so I could pack the whole application in a single WAR and 
did not need to create any interface for my beans. The application works.

Glassfish is nice (Beautiful console) but it is not really free. Oracle 
is visible everywhere and openJDK is not supported.

To free myself from Oracle I decided to replace MySQL by Postgres and 
Glassfish by Geronimo. But then Tomee Plus came to my attention and I 
decided to use this. I installed it and created a Tomee Plus server in 
Eclipse. When I deploy my application I get the following error message 
for each EJB:
     Ambiguous @Local() usage on bean class.  Must list interfaces 
explicitly in annotation.

Also my beans cannot be found (WARNING: Unresolved ejb reference 
"java:comp/env/...). To me it looks like Tomee does not expect EJB 3.1. 
Do I need to configure somewhere that I want to use EJB 3.1 or doesn't 
Tomee accept EJB 3.1 yet.

I searched for a few days on how to fix it but I am a bad searcher or my 
limited knowledge is the problem. Can somebody help me out? It works on 
Glassfish so it must be a configuration problem.



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