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From exabrial <>
Subject Re: Using @EJB/@Inject to lookup on remote interface running on separate standalone OpenEJB server
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2012 00:11:14 GMT
Hey sorry to wake a dead thread... but I just thought of something: Does
OpenEJB has a jndi-link feature?

I don't think it does, but I know GlassFish and Resin can do it....

Would writing a custom ObjectFactory be the correct way to do this?

In my frontend JSF application, in a servlet, say I had:

MyService myService;

If I wanted to link that EJB to an external context, I would put something
in TomEE.xml like this:

	<JndiProvider id="shoe" type="javax.naming.InitialContext">
		java.naming.provider.url = ejbd://localhost:3201
		java.naming.factory.initial =

	<Resource id="MyService"
		externalContext = "shoe"

I'm willing to write this with a little bit of direction... What interface
or base class would  "" to
implement/extend to get it to show up in the local JNDI tree? Is there an
example I could look at?

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