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From exabrial <>
Subject Re: Using @EJB/@Inject to lookup on remote interface running on separate standalone OpenEJB server
Date Tue, 03 Jul 2012 01:56:58 GMT
Thinking about doing this, as I would get a lot of use from it....

David Blevins-2 wrote
> Theoretically that could look something like:
>   <ExternalEjb>
>     <interface>org.superbiz.MyService</interface>
>     <interface>org.superbiz.Foo</interface>
>     <bean-name>fooService</bean-name>
>     <jndi-name>FooService.Remote</jndi-name>
>     <jndi-provider>shoe</jndi-provider>
>   </ExternalEjb>

So that would involve implementing a container... and hooking that into the
config portion of openejb... I have a good idea of where that stuff is in

David Blevins-2 wrote
> add them into the mix when we run our "find the matching EJB for this @EJB
> ref" logic
I can't find this stuff though. 

David Blevins-2 wrote
> Since we allow you to declare the actual server info in <JndiProvider>,
> you could potentially do all this in code if we were to create an
> equivalent annotation. 
You lost me here. Were you thinking this goes into the frontend app? Or the
server's classlib?


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