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From ymaraner <>
Subject Re: J2EE 1.4 and EJB2.1 on TomEE+ examples and/or documentation
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 20:40:38 GMT
David, thanks for the quick reply!

It's good to know that the EJB2.1 support is there. We are actually
evaluating both TomEE and GlashFish, so knowing that the GlassFish
deployment descriptors will not only work for TomEE, but are what you use
for your certification, makes me think that what we need to do is create the
GlassFish descriptors so they will be useful regardless of the app server
choice that is eventually made. 

If I package up an EAR for GlashFish, I can deploy it unmodified to TomEE? I
ask that because I still haven't quite figured out how to get Eclipse to
package up an ear or a war (containing EJBs) and deploy it to TomEE. It
seems to automatically recognize and deploy the EJB3 beans from the jars
packaged in the war but not the EJB2.1 ones. I probably don't have it
entirely configured correctly yet.

To improve my understanding of the TomEE descriptors, I have a few

- First, is there an xsd for the openejb-jar.xml file? The one in the TomEE
source tree seems to be for openejb-jar-1.1 and most of the example files
say they are openejb-jar-2.1. If it is available, where can I get it?

- Based on the CMP2 example that you provided, there are no OpenEJB-specific
deployment descriptors necessary for the cmp mapping or cross referencing
ejb-local-ref with local-jndi-name or to define dependencies like WebLogic,
WebSphere, and JBoss 6.1 require. Is that true? I can get away with just the
ejb-jar.xml file for these?

- What about cross referencing ejb-local-ref with local-jndi-name and other
requirements for EJB2.1 Session Beans?

As for the Web Services, we have a combination of JAX-RPC and JAX-WS. The
RPC services are mostly obsolete and converting any that aren't to WS would
probably be in the plan anyway.

I'll take a look at those two classes that you reference for the conversion
tools and see if it helps me with my understanding and if I can be of any
assistance on completing the one for WebLogic. I'm not promising anything,
but I'll take a look.

Thanks again,


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