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From David Nordahl <>
Subject Need advice on connecting up project
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2012 21:19:16 GMT
I've been trying to get OpenEJB hooked up to my web app project in 
Netbeans and I've been having a lot of problems, but am making progress 
but have spent almost 15 hours now looking at mailing list, forum, and 
documentation stuff.

I successfully deployed the OpenEJB war with Tomcat after running into a 
lot of issues trying to switch from Tomcat 7 to TomEE.

Basically my current status is:

1. I can run all the example openejb junit cases successfully but I'm 
not sure how to translate that success to my actual netbeans JSP 2.0 
project.  I'm not really familiar with how all the maven/junit stuff 
translates to actual web app/IDE configurations.
2. I can successfully get an openejb context using this command in my 
servlet code:

         Properties properties = new Properties();
         InitialContext initialContext = new InitialContext(properties);

3. The tomcat log seems to indicate that openejb it is successfully 
loading my mysql datasource.

3.  But I can't pull any bean objects out of the context.. this throws 

           Object object = initialContext.lookup("UserFacadeLocal");

4. I probably don't have them properly defined, but I'm not getting any 
errors about them being improperly defined to work with. So I'm not sure 
my ejb-jar.xml is being discovered and I'm not sure how detailed a 
description is necessary.  I don't get any thing in my tomcat log output 
saying it's loading the ejb-jar.xml contents or saying that it is 
loading the <class> elements contained in my persistence.xml file.

5. I've tried putting a META-INF/ejb-jar.xml file about everywhere that 
is recommended in my project folders on other discussion threads but the 
only acknowledgement I get in the log output is that it is in the wrong 
place if I put it in the root project folder.

6. I'm working with Entity classes and facade/local interfaces created 
by netbeans from my db schema.  They contain lots of this type stuff: 
@Entity, @NamedQueries etc.. I'm wondering if this setup replaces the 
need for any amount of explicit xml config file definitions.

7. Last.. I find that you get namespace and other exceptions if you 
include certain openejb/ejb jar files with your deployed project.  I 
found a mailing list message saying to leave it out to avoid the errors, 
but it didn't say how you'd then go about referencing any openejb 
library classes in your project.

Thanks in advance..  It's been awhile since I've had to do a J2EE web 
app.. Last time I used Jboss and some ide that just generated all the 
classes and local and remote interfaces to persist class objects with my 
DB.  I would like to keep things more simple and lightweight and stick 
with tomcat on this project.


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