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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: J2EE 1.4 and EJB2.1 on TomEE+ examples and/or documentation
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 19:30:54 GMT
Hi Tim!

On Jul 5, 2012, at 9:15 AM, ymaraner wrote:

> I have an existing J2EE 1.4 Enterprise Application (w/ ejb2.1, JMS, and WS)
> that deploys and runs successfully on WebSphere, WebLogic, and JBoss. I
> would like to port it to TomEE+.

TomEE does support all of EJB 1.1 to 3.1, including CMP2.  The documentation for CMP2 was
non-existent.  I've gone ahead and written some up for you:

Our legacy EJB 2.x support is very stellar as we put a tremendous amount of work ensuring
that EJB 2x and EJB 3x use the same runtime code -- so EJB 2x beans continue to get the new
features and bug fixes we give to EJB 3x beans, including CMP2 which gets a steady stream
of persistence fixes and tuning via OpenJPA.  One of the more amazing features we have that
we just have no time to promote.

We don't, however, support JAX-RPC at all.  If the WS you mention is JAX-RPC, the only
route to take would be to upgrade that to JAX-WS.  Or if you were supporting your own WS usage
(and not using what was bundled in the server) by putting jars in your WEB-INF/lib dir, that
should continue to work.  In which case, you're in luck.

> Are there any currently maintained tools to generate TomEE+ descriptors
> using descriptors for another app server as input?

We do have tools to convert GlassFish or Geronimo descriptors to TomEE descriptors, both include
complex things like CMP mappings.

We do this at deploy time automatically when we see GlassFish descriptors in the application.
 Under the covers the code is fairly simple: one JAXB tree for the GlassFish descriptors,
one JAXB for our descriptors, read both in and a couple pages of "moving data" over code and
done.  We actually run the Java EE 6 TCK daily using the GlassFish descriptors, relying on
our ability to convert them on-the-fly to TomEE descriptors.

Here is 100% of the logic (not the JAXB trees) for doing the GlassFish to TomEE descriptor

It was always our intent to write the same code for WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss as well.
 We actually do have the JAXB trees for each of those servers already, we simply lack the
translation layer.   A WebLogic (WlsConversion) is partially in place, but nowhere near complete:

Note the same `openejb.descriptors.output` property mentioned in the CMP2 doc works for outputting
these generated descriptors too.

The moral of the conversion tool story is we're one keenly written class away from X server
to TomEE conversion; the framework and even descriptor trees are already there.  We're more
than happy to help people write that and we love it when we get to make users into committers
on the project.

Hope the above helps!


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