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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Latest-version TomEE 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT (Tomcat 7.0.34?) just died on me, nothing in server logs
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2013 03:34:32 GMT
On Jan 30, 2013, at 7:00 PM, "Howard W. Smith, Jr." <> wrote:

> Again/FYI, earlier this afternoon (around 12pm EST or EDT), I reverted to
> TomEE 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT (2013-01-14, which is using tomcat7.0.34) and
> Atmosphere 1.0.6, I don't see an issue. Atmosphere 1.0.8 was working well
> with TomEE 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT (2013-01-14), too.

Just to make sure it wasn't lost in the cracks, we did identify an issue with Atomosphere/TomEE.
 In this file in the Atomosphere:

It has the following code:

    String[] tomcatVersion =  config.getServletContext().getServerInfo().substring(14).split("\\.");

This won't work because of recent updates in TomEE 1.5.2-SNAPSHOT which append "(TomEE)" onto
the ServerInfo string -- only skipping 14 characters is not enough.  Romain gave the workaround
of reverting to the old, unmodified, ServerInfo string via the System property "tomee.keep-server-info=true"

Note that if the "tomee.keep-server-info" was successfully set to true, it will be logged
on INFO level.  If the default of false is used, the checking of the 'tomee.keep-server-info'
is still logged, but on DEBUG level.

Is it possible you can confirm that you have tried the system property, see the expected log
output, and the issue still exists?


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