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From Chris Owens <>
Subject Re: How to enable DeltaSpike's BeanProvider in TomEE?
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 16:11:26 GMT
I'm kind of restricted by policy (that I can't reasonably change) to using
released software.

At this point I'm looking for a workaround.  Here's my use case:  

I have several instances of @Entity that probably contain a little more
functionality than they should. (Yes, I know that Marty Fowler and others
call Active Records an anti-pattern).   

In some cases, they need access to functionality that is provided by a
@Stateless EJB.

@EJB and @Inject do not work inside @Enitity.

I had hoped to use DeltaSpike to get hold of the EJB from within the entity.

One possible workaround:
Just how bad is it to put, say, @Entity and @Stateless annotations on the
same class?  I haven't been through the OpenEJB and OpenJPA code enough to
understand what that would do?

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