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From Anthony Fryer <>
Subject Re: My favorite exception message
Date Tue, 20 Aug 2013 09:57:02 GMT
Leonardo K. Shikida wrote
> that's probably because I am running tomEE from inside eclipse, and its
> configuration is messing the class loading process

Running tomee inside eclipse "should" work exactly the same as outside
eclipse but you may need the right plugins depending on how you build
things.  First thing would be to check which jar files eclipse WTP is
publishing to the WEB-INF/lib folder in
.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\wtpwebapps\<your web
app>\WEB-INF\lib.  If the active mq lib is in there, then something is not
quite right with how eclipse wtp or your build is setup.

In the past i had issues when using maven to build my project with some
'provided' scoped jar files appearing in the WEB-INF/lib folder which were
resolved when i installed the m2e-wtp plugin.  Just mentioning that in case
you have a similar issue.  I now use eclipse with tomee everyday and WTP is
creating identical war files now to what a mvn clean install does, so i
completely trust it. m2e and m2e-wtp has improved massively over the past 18



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